Introducing z/OS UNIX System Services (OP05G)


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This intermediate course is for all computer professionals who will use z/OS UNIX.


You should have a basic knowledge of z/OS equivalent to the course An Introduction to the z/OS Environment (ES05G).

Cel szkolenia

  • Discuss the role of z/OS in an open systems environment
  • Identify the basic terms used in z/OS UNIX
  • Define the components of z/OS UNIX
  • Explain major functions provided in z/OS UNIX
  • Discuss opportunities for applications in an z/OS UNIX environment
  • Identify z/OS base elements and optional features that make up z/OS UNIX
  • Use the two interactive interfaces available to access the services

Program szkolenia

This course describes how open standards are implemented in a z/OS system by z/OS UNIX. UNIX System Services are introduced, and the role of z/OS as a server in the open systems environment is discussed. This is an introductory level course. It provides an overview of z/OS UNIX System Services (usually abbreviated to z/OS UNIX) as seen by the user. Details of installation and implementation for system programmers are not covered in this course.

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Modality: G

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Online training
Modality: U

Trwa 3 dni

Cena (excl. tax)
  • Polska: 2.290,- €
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