SharePoint 2016 End User (55199)


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This SharePoint 2016 End User class is for end users working in a SharePoint 2016 environment. The course teaches SharePoint basics such as working with lists and libraries as well as basic page customizations.

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This course is intended for new and existing users of SharePoint. This course is for information workers.


Students are expected to be comfortable in Windows.

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After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Learn to navigate a SharePoint 2016 Team Site.
  • Learn to create SharePoint lists.
  • Learn to customize SharePoint lists.
  • Learn to create SharePoint libraries.
  • Learn to manage library document versions.
  • Learn to create SharePoint list and library views.
  • Learn to create sub sites using various SharePoint templates.
  • Learn to create and edit Web page content.
  • Learn to create InfoPath Forms and Form libraries.
  • Learn to create Site columns and content types.
  • Learn to integrate Office applications with SharePoint 2016.
  • Learn to manage basic permissions of SharePoint 2016 resources.

Program szkolenia

  • SharePoint 2016 Introduction
  • SharePoint List Basics
  • Library Basics
  • Working with Lists and Library Views
  • Working with Sites
  • Page Content
  • Forms Library
  • Site Columns and Content Types
  • Office Integration
  • Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
  • Participating in User Communities
Classroom training
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