Implementing VMware vSphere on Data ONTAP (IMPVMVS)

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NetApp employees, channel partners, and customers

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By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the VMware vSphere 6.0 virtualization solution
  • Articulate the NetApp value proposition for integrating clustered Data ONTAP with vSphere 6.0
  • Configure physical and virtual infrastructures
  • Use the clustered Data ONTAP operating system to provision virtual infrastructure
  • Create, migrate, and clone virtual machines
  • Describe the Virtual Volumes datastore-management process
  • Protect virtual infrastructure
  • Monitor and optimize virtual infrastructure
  • Describe best practice for connectivity, provisioning, data layout, and multipathing
  • Describe how deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning provide storage savings in a virtual environment

Program szkolenia

Implementing VMware vSphere on Data ONTAP (IMPVMVS) is a 3 day instructor led course where you will learn how to protect the virtual infrastructure in SAN and NAS environments as well learning how to manage storage at the virtual-machine level.

Updated features:

  • VMware vSphere 6
  • Virtual Storage console,
  • Virtual Volumes (VVOLs)
  • Knowledge Byte demo videos
Classroom training
Modality: C

Trwa 3 dni

Cena (excl. tax)
  • Polska: US$ 2.970,-
Online training
Modality: L

Trwa 3 dni

Cena (excl. tax)
  • Polska: US$ 2.970,-
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2019-08-26 - 2019-08-28 Monachium Enroll
2019-09-16 - 2019-09-18 Hamburg Enroll
2019-10-14 - 2019-10-16 Frankfurt Enroll
2019-11-04 - 2019-11-06 Berlin Enroll
2019-11-25 - 2019-11-27 Düsseldorf Enroll
2019-09-02 - 2019-09-04 Paris Enroll
2019-12-02 - 2019-12-04 Paris Enroll
2019-12-09 - 2019-12-11 Madrid Enroll
2019-11-11 - 2019-11-13 Utrecht Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
2019-10-07 - 2019-10-09 FLEX training This is an Angielski language FLEX course.   Time zone: Europe/Bratislava US$ 2.700,- Enroll
2019-07-08 - 2019-07-10 Zurych Enroll
2019-10-14 - 2019-10-16 Zurych Enroll
2019-08-26 - 2019-08-28 FLEX training This is an Angielski language FLEX course.   Time zone: Europe/Ljubljana Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
2019-11-24 - 2019-11-26 Kair Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
This is a FLEX course, which is delivered both virtually and in the classroom.

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