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ONTAP Compliance Solution Administration (OCSA)


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  • Data Protection Administrations
  • Security Engineers
  • NetApp Partners
  • NetApp Employees

Cel szkolenia

  • Describe the data protection features that are integrated into ONTAP 9 data-management software
  • Describe how to use SnapLock compliance software for data retention
  • Explain how to manage encryption keys
  • Explain how NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) provides full-disk encryption (FDE) by using self-encrypting drives.
  • Explain how NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) provides a software-based method to encrypt and protect data on any disk type.

Program szkolenia

The ONTAP Security and Compliance course describes the architecture and functionality of the integrated data protection security and compliance features and benefits in ONTAP 9 data-management software, including SnapLock software, key management features, and encryption technologies. The course also explains the administration, configuration, and management of the integrated data protection compliance features.

ONTAP Security and Compliance Solutions Administration is intended for data protection administrators of any experience level

Classroom training
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2019-12-09 FLEX training This is an Angielski language FLEX course.   Time zone: Europe/London Enroll
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2019-10-18 Online training Time zone: US/Eastern Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
2019-12-13 Online training Time zone: US/Central Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
2019-10-18 Online training Time zone: Canada/Eastern Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
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