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VMware Mirage: Install, Configure, Manage (VMICM)


Profil słuchaczy

Experienced system administrators and system integrators responsible for deploying Mirage


  • Ability to use VMware vSphere® Client™ to view the state of virtual machines, datastores, and networks
  • Experience accessing the guest operating system from the VMware vCenter Server™ virtual machine console
  • Ability to navigate Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2008.

Cel szkolenia

This hands-on training course provides students with skills that they need to deploy a unified image management system using VMware Mirage™. After installing Mirage 5.0, students learn how to configure security, manage images, perform a Windows migration, set up endpoint protection, and perform various management functions.

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Describe the key concepts of Mirage
  • Recognize how Mirage fits into the VMware end-user computing vision
  • Identify the main Mirage use classifications
  • Define the function of each of the Mirage solution components
  • Install, configure, and upgrade Mirage
  • Identify the tasks for SSL configuration on a Mirage system
  • Discuss the management functions available in the Mirage Management console
  • Deploy Mirage to endpoints
  • Explain the tasks for capturing and assigning base layers and application layers
  • Describe methods for performing disaster recovery with Mirage
  • Outline how to plan and perform a mass hardware migration with Mirage
  • Recognize how the file portal is set up and used

Program szkolenia

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Mirage
  • Components and Architecture
  • Installing and Configuring Mirage
  • Mirage Web Manager
  • Mirage Management Overview
  • Mirage Single Image Management
  • Windows Migrations
  • Endpoint Protection with Mirage
  • Working with the Mirage File Portal
  • Mirage Security
Classroom training
Modality: C

Trwa 3 dni

Cena (excl. tax)
  • Polska: 3.700,- PLN
Online training
Modality: L

Trwa 3 dni

Cena (excl. tax)
  • Polska: 3.700,- PLN
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2019-09-30 - 2019-10-02 Stuttgart Enroll
2019-10-21 - 2019-10-23 Berlin Enroll
2019-11-25 - 2019-11-27 Hamburg Enroll
2019-12-16 - 2019-12-18 Monachium Enroll
2020-02-10 - 2020-02-12 Frankfurt Enroll
2020-04-06 - 2020-04-08 Monachium Enroll
2020-06-03 - 2020-06-05 Berlin Enroll
2020-07-27 - 2020-07-29 Hamburg Enroll
2020-09-14 - 2020-09-16 Münster Enroll
2020-11-02 - 2020-11-04 Düsseldorf Enroll
2019-10-28 - 2019-10-30 FLEX training This is an Angielski language FLEX course.   Time zone: Europe/Bucharest 1.365,- € Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
2019-09-30 - 2019-10-02 Zurych Enroll
2019-12-16 - 2019-12-18 Zurych Enroll
2019-12-02 - 2019-12-04 FLEX training This is an Angielski language FLEX course.   Time zone: Europe/Ljubljana Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
Bliski Wschód
2019-11-12 - 2019-11-14 Kuwait City Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
2019-12-01 - 2019-12-03 Muscat Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
2019-10-27 - 2019-10-29 Doha Język szkolenia: Angielski Enroll
This is a FLEX course, which is delivered both virtually and in the classroom.

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