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VMware Workspace ONE: Unified Endpoint Management for Windows 10 (VWOUEMW10)

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Course Overview

This two-day, hands-on training workshop provides you with the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage Windows 10 Endpoint Lifecycle in VMware Workspace™ ONE™. This workshop teaches the required skill and competence in onboarding Windows 10 endpoints and managing Windows 10 applications and policies as well as related Workspace ONE functionality such as Production Provisioning and Peer-to-peer Distribution.

Product Alignment

  • VMware Workspace ONE

Profil słuchaczy

  • System administrators
  • System integrators


Experience working with Windows PC Lifecycle Management and a command-line interface.

Cel szkolenia

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Outline the capabilities provided by the Windows 10 platform
  • Identify the challenge in Windows 10 endpoint management
  • Design the appropriate Windows 10 management strategy for your organization
  • Co-manage Windows 10 endpoints with System Center Configuration Manager and VMware Workspace ONE™ UEM
  • Select the best onboarding method for a Windows 10 device
  • Apply Adaptive Management to Windows 10 endpoints
  • Leverage single-device and staging onboarding methods
  • Explain the Windows 10 application management lifecycle in Workspace ONE
  • Outline the process of integrating Windows Store for Business with Workspace ONE UEM
  • Deploy and manage universal Windows 10, Win32, web, and virtual applications
  • Manage GPO and policies for Windows 10 endpoints
  • Create a compliance policy specific to the Windows 10 platform
  • Summarize Product Provisioning and Windows Auto-Discovery Service

Program szkolenia

1 Course Overview
  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
2 Windows 10 Platform Overview
3 Windows 10 Device Onboarding
  • Windows Autodiscovery Service
  • Windows 10 Device Onboarding with Adaptive Management
  • Understand Windows 10 Device Onboarding
  • Single Device Onboarding
  • Device Staging Onboarding
  • Windows 10 Endpoint Management
4 Windows 10 Application Management
  • Windows 10 Application Management Overview
  • Windows 10 Universal Public Applications
  • Microsoft Store for Business Portal
  • Win32 Application Distribution and Management
  • Deploy Web Applications and Virtual Applications
  • Peer-to-Peer Software Distribution
5 Windows 10 Policy Management
  • Windows 10 Policy Management
  • Configuring Compliance Policy
6 Understanding Product Provisioning
7 Windows 10 Co-management with SCCM and Workspace ONE UEM
  • Windows 10 Co-management with SCCM and Workspace ONE UEM
8 Course Conclusion
  • Course Objectives
  • Appendix (Supplemental Software)
Classroom training
Modality: G

Trwa 2 dni

Cena (excl. tax)
  • Polska: 750,- €
Online training
Modality: U

Trwa 2 dni

Cena (excl. tax)
  • Polska: 750,- €
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